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This list is by no means comprehensive please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone if you have any other questions. Please visit Guernsey Social Security Website for information about the Long Term Care Benefit by CLICKING HERE

1. Who is C I Healthcare?
C I Healthcare Ltd. is a private company owned by Nicholas and Tracey Trott, who have been resident of Guernsey for over 20 years.

2. What is the difference between Nursing, Residential and EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) Homes?
Residents who live within our homes always receive care from trained staff 24rs a day. However, Nursing Homes have registered Nurses on duty caring for residents whose dependencies are generally higher and require continual medical help. Residential Home residents are generally expected to be able to be fairly independent, but may need support and assistance in daily tasks. EMI units were formally recognised in Guernsey in 2011 and can be incorporated into existing Care Homes providing Residents an intermediate level of care between Residential and Nursing. Staff will have had training for care of residents with Dementia but will not necessarily be Registered Nurses.

3. How do I get a NAPS Certificate?
In the first instance contact The Social Worker team at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital. Telephone 01481 725241 or Guernsey Social Security Authority on Tel: 01481 732500. They will arrange for a team of Healthcare Professionals to carry out an assessment to identify what level of needs are required and whether a Nursing, Residential, or EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) Certificate is appropriate. This will dictate which type of Home you will require.

4. How do I choose which home is suitable?
We would always recommend you telephone and arrange to visit a variety of homes, and talk to professional advisors as well as family and friends before making any choices regarding a potential home. Your final decision may depend on:

  • Size and location of the home
  • Home atmosphere
  • Financial considerations
  • Your current and likely future needs
5. When can we visit a resident?
Generally we have an open policy for visitors. However, it may be advisable to check beforehand in case they have any appointments or are otherwise busy. If you have any current contagious conditions i.e cold, cough, flu etc. or have had an upset stomach within the past 48hrs we kindly request that you do not visit until your symptoms have completely gone.

6. Can I personalise my room?
We actively encourage residents to bring some of their treasured possessions into the home. All of our rooms are furnished so we are usually unable to accommodate large pieces of furniture, however photographs, ornaments and mementos are a wonderful addition to help personalize the room and familiarize surroundings.

7. How do I pay for the Room fees and other items?
If you are entitled to The Long Term Care Benefit which is paid to the home automatically by The Guernsey Social Security Authority. Any shortfall in fees can be paid either by a monthly standing order, by the Residents Pension or Benefit being paid direct to the home.

We will send monthly invoices for any sundry items i.e hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers.